Bringing Poetry to Objects

DM_BB is a brand for all people who feel dark, mystical, bright and beautiful sides within themselves and who have an inner wish and glow to express it. Your lifetime is a puzzle of moods and emotions. And if you wish to communicate them to the outside world through poetry, art, intelligence and style — then DM_BB is for you. Open up your dark_mystical_bright_beautiful sides to the world.

Each Object Is a Key to Uniqueness

Each DM_BB Poetry collection is a limited edition produced in small quantities, thus giving its owner ability to truly express the uniqueness of her or his inner world.

Each Object Made with Love

The produced amount of items is very small but all of them are 100% handmade, designed and sewed with love and the whole-hearted creative input of Mattias Lindblom. 


Creator's Message

Dear dark, mystical, bright and beautiful one and everyone,

To produce something, a touchable object, has for the longest time been on my mind. In music and Vacuum I deal with the manipulation of air. With poetry it’s usually in pixelated form on your screen. Now I’ve reached a new point of creation — a physical object! It is quite different indeed and to conjure one, welcome to the DM_BB world. In time, I’ll present objects here that I care for. Special things I’ll put a lot of effort into.

My intent with DM_BB is to, through the cunning use of objects, bring poetic thinking and pondering into the physical world. Put some wings on the words if you will. Have them move around. Bear meaning to the wearer and hopefully to the people around. It won’t be for everyone but if you read this, I assume you’re a little bit like me.

I start with a seemingly simple T-shirt. Though it is not that simple. Poetry T-Shirt! It’s 100% handmade, designed by me and the prints are not without purpose. I do hope you’ll love them!

All things dark and mystical, bright and beautiful,


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